Advanced Heat Exchange Technology to build up social energy system

In 1954, Sumitomo Precision developed heat exchanger for aircrafts by aluminum dip brazing method using our original technology. Thereafter, we have extended the application field, advanced the technology innovation, and developed the compact, lightweight, hlgh-performance Plate Fin Type Heat Exchanger. Particularly in the field of Cryogenic Industry Large Heat Exchangers, we have gained satisfactory achievement and much confidence as the leading manufacturer in the world. Also, we supply various types of heat exchangers for industry equiprnents, rolling stock, electric facilities, and we developed LNG Vaporization Facility which is essential for supplying social energy. We are challenging to build up efficient heat energy systems using our advanced heat exchange technology.

Features of Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers

Structure of plate-fin heat exchangers

Examples of installed plate-fin heat exchangers