Aluminum heat exchangers

Examples of applications

  • Over 40 years of experience with Shinkansen and other railroad vehicles
  • A wide range of applications
  • Oil-to-Air
  • Stationary transformers, mobile transformers, special-purpose vehicles
    Compressors, construction equipment, experimental cars
  • Water (controlled water)-to-Air
  • Railroad vehicles, construction equipment, special-purpose vehicles, wind-power generation facilities
  • Water (controlled water)-to-Oil
  • Water (controlled water)-to-Oil
  • Gas-to-Air
  • Stationary transformers, plant facilities
  • Air-to-Air
  • Compressors, refrigeration equipment
  • IGBT and electronic circuit board coolers
  • Railroad vehicles, power drive systems, general-purpose inverters, elevators, UPS units
  • Refrigerant-to-Air
  • Large-sized air conditioners, refrigeration equipment
Custom designs are available for specific applications such as single unit production, prototypes, new developments, and special specifications.

Photos of products

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