Stainless-steel heat exchangers

Examples of applications

<Field> Application Item
・Chemical plant Air separation plants, carbon dioxide production plants, VOC solvent recovery, hydrogen production equipment, compressors Re-boilers, condensers, intercoolers, rear coolers, fuel heaters, catalytic reactors
・Power generation Gas turbines, gas engines, fuel cells
*(Please see details below)
Intake air coolers, air coolers, air preheaters, fuel preheaters, fuel humidifiers, regenerators
・Other Heat recovery, XTL, automotive, GTL, biomass Economizers, exhaust heat recovery

*Fuel cell systems: solid polymers, phosphoric acids, molten carbonates, and solid oxides
Custom designs are available for specific applications such as single unit production, prototypes, new developments, and special specifications.

Photos of products

▲ High-pressure intercoolers for air separation plants

▲ Polymer heaters for solvent recovery

▲ Regenerators for gas turbines

▲ Coolers for plants

▲ Fuel humidifiers for molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC)
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