LNG vaporizers

Liquefied natural gas vaporizers

LNG vaporizers are a system that gasifies LNG (natural gas in a liquid state) stored at cryogenic temperatures by means of heat exchange.
Today, LNG is an indispensable energy source for major industries in Japan. Because it emits less carbon dioxide, the demand is growing in overseas countries as well. We offer two types of LNG vaporizers, "open rack" and "submerged combustion" vaporizers, which have a dominant share in the domestic market. As a result of our effort in driving export and technology licensing to overseas partners for years, we have delivered more of these vaporizers to date than any competitor in the world.
ORV (Open Rack Vaporizer)
ORVs, which use seawater as the external heat source, flow seawater down over the outer surface of the aluminum panels to vaporize LNG inside. Thanks to their straightforward design, ORVs can be operated at a very low operating cost. In addition, their simple structure facilitates operation and maintenance/inspection, making them more outstanding in reliability and safety than any other vaporizer of the same type.
Taking the best use of these features, ORVs are typically applied to base load operation.

▲ Basic process flow of ORVs

SCV (Submerged Combustion Vaporizer)
SCVs use warm water heated by the submerged combustion burner to vaporize LNG flowing through the stainless-steel tubes. SCVs are used for emergency and peak shaving operations, because of their low initial investment cost and due to their ability to start quickly and deal with sudden load fluctuations when the demand for NG unexpectedly increases.

▲ Basic process flow of SCVs
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