Large-sized aluminum heat exchangers for plants

Heat Exchangers for Cryogenic Applications

Large-sized aluminum heat exchangers are brazed aluminum plate-fin type heat exchangers with high performance, light weight and compact design. These our core products are used in wide range of cryogenic applications such as Industrial Gases for Steel, Semiconductor etc, Petrochemical, Natural Gas Processing, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other fields.
Our fabrication technique including self-developed brazing technique in 1954 is certified according to ISO9001 and local quality assurance standards in international market such as ASME in the U.S., PED in Europe, ML in China and Korea etc. We have achieved shipment of more than 6,000 heat exchangers with ASME certification mark.

Typical examples of applications:
Air separation plants
Petrochemical plants
Natural gas liquefaction plants / LNG cryogenic energy storage plants
Helium liquefaction plants
Gas recovery plants and other

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