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Affiliated Companies

Sumisei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Sales of all types of materials and machinery parts

Sumisei Engineering Co., Ltd.
Design, drawing and engineering services

Sumisei Hydraulic Systems Co., Ltd.
Production, maintenance and sales of aerospace and hydraulic equipment

SPP Technologies Co., Ltd.
Production, sales and support of MEMS/semiconductor related process tools

SPT Microtechnologies USA, Inc.
Manufacture and sales of thermal process furnace equipment etc. and relevant services for semiconductor related device industry

Sumisei Service Co., Ltd.
Employee welfare-related services

Shinsen Seiki Co., Ltd.
Processing of all types of machinery parts

SPP Nagasaki Engineering Co., Ltd.
Maintenance, repair and overhaul on aircraft landing gear systems and customer support

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd.
Production and sales of motion sensors

Sumitomo Precision USA, Inc.
Production and sales of heat exchangers for aerospace

Ningbo SPP Hydraulics Co., Ltd.
Production and sales of QT pump

Aviocast, Inc.
Production and sales of casting products

Sumitomo Precision Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Development and sales of environmental systems

SPP Canada Aircraft, Inc.
Design, assembly, sales and customer support for Commercial Landing Gear Systems

CFN Precision Ltd.
Production and sales of aircraft parts

Tecnickrome Aéronautique Inc.
Surface finishing of aircraft parts

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