Coolant Pump

  • ■ E3P

  • ■ CX

  • ■ CQT

Coolant Pump

Type E3P, CX, and CQT are available for your best fit performance.

High Pressure Coolant features;

  • ■ Speedier machining and more efficient boring (Better productivity)

  • ■ More accurate dimension & surface by keeping workpieces cool

  • ■ Longer tool life by keeping tools cool

  • ■ Finely powdered cutting chip for easy disposal

Hydraulic Pump

  • ■ QT

  • ■ QX

Hydroric Pump

Our QT, and QX pumps feature special internal gears that offer the advantage of low pressure pulsation and low noise.


  • ■ HS

The HASUBA pump is a fixed displacement external gear pump with pressure compensating mechanism to achieve high efficiency. It even further reduces noise and pressure pulsation of the exsiting QT and QX pumps from SPP. Compared to the SPP QT pump, the new HASUBA pump reduces noise levels by more than 5 dB(A) and pulsation by more than 50%. It therefore significantly contributes to a substantial reduction in mechanical noise generated by injection molding machines, precision machine tools, and various hydraulic units.

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