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SPP has used its aeronautical technologies as a springboard to expand its business to industrial fields.

After entering the industrial equipment business in 1959, SPP refined its core technologies in pumps, valves, and actuators for an increasing number of applications such as industrial presses, injection molding machines, machine tools, civil engineering and construction machinery, steel manufacturing equipment, and rolling mills.

In 1994, using advanced hydraulic technologies developed over half a century of innovation, SPP successfully entered the market for coolant systems, which are indispensable for machining. Our low-pressure and high-pressure coolant pumps, as well as the coolant systems built around these pumps, are the choice of numerous customers for an increasing number of applications.

Notably, we have been designing our hydraulic pumps and coolant pumps to be highly energy efficient, thus reflecting our commitment to finding solutions to environmental issues.

At SPP, we are constantly driving the evolution of our business through innovative technologies that respond to emerging needs.

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