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We have formulated the Quality Policy of the Sumitomo Precision Products Group based on Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy to educate and raise awareness about quality compliance on a continued basis, involving its domestic and overseas subsidiaries.
With the aim of driving activities relating to compliance with customer requirements, laws, regulations, and so on, we have formed a quality control group under the Legal Compliance Department as a framework intended to maintain and improve quality compliance.
As part of these efforts, we have instituted the Sumitomo Precision Products Group Quality Committee and established the Quality Management System Requirements of the Sumitomo Precision Products Group, supplementing ISO 9001 with our original quality compliance enhancement requirements. Going forward, Sumitomo Precision Products will further improve quality compliance of its business segments and subsidiaries.

Quality Policy of the Sumitomo Precision Products Group - July 01,2021(PDF:275KB)

Supply chain

The Sumitomo Precision Products Group believes that building a robust supply chain is essential for the sustainable development of its business. Based on this belief, it established the Sumitomo Precision Products Group Procurement Policy, setting out three principles: (1) We fully comply with laws and regulations as well as social norms; (2) We build a sound environment for competition based on fair business relationships; and (3) We strive to establish sustainable partnerships that contribute to mutual prosperity.
The Group promotes procurement activities consistent with this policy by ensuring that the Procurement Policy is thoroughly known by its business partners, establishing a reporting system for compliance-related concerns, and keeping track of CSR activities and situations at the business partners through a partner recognition program and questionnaire surveys.
We continue striving to build a sustainable supply chain to line up with our stakeholders’ expectations.

Sumitomo Precision Products Group Procurement Policy - August 31,2022(PDF:220KB)

Human rights

We have established the Sumitomo Precision Products Group Human Rights Policy because we believe that respecting the human rights of all people involved in the Group and its supply chain in the conduct of the business activities is one of the most important matters for a company.
We promote appropriate awareness-raising training to ensure that all executives and employees of the Group understand and effectively implement this policy. Moreover, we do not infringe on the human rights of those directly or indirectly affected by the business activities of the Group and its supply chain.
We also organize education and awareness-raising activities for employees to respect each other’s diversity. Such activities include holding annual human rights and diversity lecture, distributing awareness-raising materials during Human Rights Week, and training new graduates and mid-career employees. We develop our business while maintaining high ethical standards.

Sumitomo Precision Products Group Human Rights Policy - October 2,2023(PDF:209KB)

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