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CSR Activities of the Sumitomo Precision Products Group

The Sumitomo Precision Products Group implements corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on Sumitomoʼs Business Philosophy and the Corporate Principles of the Sumitomo Precision Products Group. Going forward, the Group will work on the three areas of (1) compliance with corporate ethics, (2) solution of social challenges through business activities, and (3) activities contributing to local communities and society.
 Specically, regarding “solution of social challenges through business activities,” the Group will be committed to solving various social issues through its business activities, pursuing and developing precision technology and precision manufacturing as well as leveraging its differentiated technologies and manufacturing expertise, under the slogan “With precision technologies and precision manufacturing, we innovate the worldʼs highest quality of ʻPrecisionʼ that supports a sustainable society, ahead of anyone else,” as stated in the Mid-term Management Plan. By continuing to support a sustainable society through our products and services, the Group will also grow in a sustained manner.


CSR Activities of the Sumitomo Precision Products Group

Examples of activities Description SDGs Relating to Overall Business Activities and Company-Wide Activities
Business activity
Manufacture and sale of landing gear systems and heat management systems for commercial aircraft Our landing gear systems and heat management systems for commercial aircraft help ensure safe air transportation.
Manufacture and sale of landing gear systems for defense aircraft We contribute to Japanese sovereign security as landing gear systems assist the operation of aircraft extensively used in the Defense Ministry’s peacekeeping operations and rescue and disaster relief activities.
Technology development for thermal management equipment for electrified/hydrogen-fueled aircraft We will continue to strive for the development of thermal analysis technology, equipment design, and products fulfilling market needs while paying attention to the trends in the aviation industry. In addition, it will explore novel manufacturing techniques, such as metallic 3D printing (metallic additive technology).
Manufacture and sale of compact heat exchangers for thermal management Our durable compact heat exchangers contribute to reducing the burden on the environment through high-efficiency cooling of electronic equipment in the Shinkansen (including the cutting edge N700S series) and other rolling stock as well as various industrial machines.
Manufacture and sale of LNG vaporizer and heat exchanger for air separation plant LNG vaporizers contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, while heat exchangers for plants contribute to energy saving by improving heat efficiency of the entire plant in a broad range of industrial applications across the world, such as petrochemical and industrial gas production.
Manufacture and sale of precision hydraulic equipment Injection molding machines that uses precision hydraulic equipment manufactures all kinds of daily products, including medical goods, helping to improve healthcare services and achieve healthy living. Furthermore, hydraulic pumps, and coolant pumps have features such as low fuel-efficient, low pulsation, and low noise, which contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and an improved work environment at various manufacturing sites. We will continuously develop products in order to meet markets and customer’s needs, wants and demands.
Development of heat exchangers for non-fossil energy including hydrogen We try to develop products to vaporize liquid hydrogen by using its extremely low temperature technology acquired from heat exchangers for plants and LNG vaporizer technology.
Find new customers who need coolers for semiconductors, which have higher performance and generating heat Demand for small and high-performance cooling devices becomes dramatically increasing for hyper-scale data centers, edge data centers, power conditioners at mega solar farms, and electrified transportation systems and others. We focus on the sale of this product as one of some next-generation strategic products.
Manufacture and sale of MEMS/semiconductor manufacturing equipment MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing equipment supports the safety and convenience of living due to being used in everyday electronic devices such as automotive sensors for air-bags, nozzle heads for inkjet printers, high-frequency devices and camera modules for mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as power devices used for power conversion for EVs and other items.
Manufacture and sale of MEMS devices/sensors Our high-precision MEMS devices/sensors find extensive use in a broad range of applications, such as down-hole mining, safety systems in trains, GPS antennas, and attitude control of satellites. They support the safety and improve the convenience of daily life.
Development and sale of Epitaxial PZT film The epitaxial PZT film with the highest performance of its kind that was developed by the Company can contribute to the realization of a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for people and a safe and secure society through MEMS applications such as autonomous driving technology, high-definition printers, smart medical care, and high-security authentication systems.
Manufacture and sale of Ozone generators Our ozone generators are expanding the scope of their application to include purification of tap water/sewage, swimming pool water, aquarium water, commercial water/drainage treatment, water treatment for land-based aquaculture for food fish, and production processes for food, industrial products, and semiconductors. Leveraging the potential of ozone, an environmentally friendly and powerful oxidant, we support safe and comfortable lives of people and animals.
Company-wide activity
Environmental initiatives

・Initiatives for reducing environmental load

・Respond to the climate change issue

・Environmentally-Friendly Products

In an effort to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, we will work on more effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, formulating and disclosing medium-to long-term environmental targets on climate change and other issues.
We will also avidly develop environmentally friendly products and contribute to solving social challenges through our business activities.


All executives and employees, while keenly aware of the importance of responsibility arising from the provision of products and services, will ensure quality, safety, and compliance, which are top priorities in their business activities.
Supply chain We continue striving to build a sustainable supply chain while keeping our stakeholders’ expectations in mind.

Human rights

We have established the Group Human Rights Policy because we believe that respecting the human rights of all people involved in the Group and its supply chain in the conduct of the business activities is one of the most important matters for a company.

Diversity commitment

While ensuring our continued diversity commitment, we will strengthen our capability to address diversified social needs and challenges.

Measures against natural disasters and other emergencies

The “Regulations on Measures against Natural Disasters” provide for emergencies caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. In particular, in regard to earthquakes and floods, we regularly conduct initial response drills in accordance with the Business Continuity Plan, which gives top priority to ensuring the safety of human life.

Safety, health, and fire prevention

In addition to committing itself to safety education, we hold meetings of the Safety and Health Committee and monthly ceremonies to pray for safety at an in-house shrine to improve the safety awareness of all employees.

Work conditions/ Health management

We strive to promote work style reforms by putting into place a system enabling employees to work in diverse ways, and maintain and boost the health of employees through multiple initiatives to improve health indicators, conducted in collaboration with a health insurance union.

Relations with Society and Local Communities

We contribute to the local communities by accepting students from a nearby high school for experiencing work, visiting class session in progress at an elementary school, making donations to local communities’ events, donating blood, organizing local cleaning projects, maintaining street lighting fixtures.

Organizational culture/ awareness reform

Governance, internal control and compliance 

All executives and employees will continue to work together to reform our organizational culture and awareness and strengthen governance, internal control, and compliance.

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