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Ozone Generator

Proprietary technologies for environmental protection

SPP started selling ozone generators in 1974. Since then, we have applied our ozone generation technologies to meeting water treatment needs for drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, swimming pools, and aquariums, as well as for industrial facilities for service water, wastewater and recycled water. Furthermore, we have applied the same technologies to production processes for chemical manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and LCD manufacturers, among others.

Ozone is a powerful yet eco-friendly oxidant because it decomposes into oxygen. As a result, ozone is likely to be adopted for even more applications as awareness of its environmental advantages increases. Furthermore, SPP´s expertise in this field is being applied to new areas of environmental preservation such as the decomposition of dioxins in landfill leachate, the reduction of harmful chlorine substances in paper products and wastewater through the dechlorination of the pulp bleaching processes, and the cutting of CO2 emissions by reducing the chemicals and energy consumed in the textile bleaching processes. SPP develops efficient and powerful ozone generation systems and provides its clients with optimum solutions based on its ozone utilization technologies. In this way, SPP is committed to meeting the challenge of environmental preservation.