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Heat Control Products

Providing a variety of heat exchangers for the world's energy industry

In 1954, SPP developed aircraft heat exchangers by aluminum dip brazing method unique to ourselves. Since then, we have been supplying compact and highly efficient heat exchangers to various energy sectors in the world. As a result, we have established ourselves as one of the world´s leading and most trusted global suppliers of heat exchangers, particularly of large models for the cryogenic industry.

Sumitomo´s plate-fin heat exchangers can realize great improvement of efficiency and compactness comparing with shell and tube type and has expanded application area one after another. Today, they are used in a variety of general industrial applications including Shinkansen, other rolling stock, electric power generation, and industrial machinery that is hydraulically driven or lubricated with oil. Our super-compact heat exchangers made of stainless steel or titanium, which are designed to resist corrosion and high temperature, are making steady advances into the new energy applications such as fuel cells, the aerospace industry, and the chemical plant.

SPP is the world´s largest suppliers of LNG vaporizers, which we developed with advanced heat exchanger technologies. Clearly, our heat control products and technologies are meeting the world´s essential needs.

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