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Aerospace Products

Contributing to aviation safety

For more than half a century, SPP has been engaged in the design and manufacture of aerospace equipments as an experienced supplier of traditional propellers, landing gears, and heat exchangers. With a reputation for excellence and a broad range of experience, SPP has firmly established itself as a global leading supplier in the world-wide commercial aerospace market with the ability to develop and manufacture superior equipments that contribute directly to aviation safety. Today, SPP develops and manufactures highly reliable and cost-efficient products with excellent quality for the aerospace industry in Japan and around the world. With the advantage of its CATIA (3-D CAD) system and associated production system, SPP provides integrated services for design, manufacturing, quality assurance, and product support. At the same time, it has been developing and introducing the new innovative technologies to the fields such as new materials and electronics to address the needs of its customers.

Moreover, SPP is making a significant contribution to the development of the next generation aircraft by driving the evolution of aerospace equipments on its foundation of experience, technology, and research.

Clearly, SPP is continuing to meet the needs of the aerospace industry with a strong emphasis on safety and reliability.