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Propellers, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Our record as an outstanding manufacturer of propeller systems extends back more than half a century. This period is marked by our success in the domestic production of globally renowned systems such as the 63E60 propeller system for the US-1A and the 54H60 propeller system for the P-3C. We have also gained experience in overhauling propeller blades for the YS-11 in previous years and for the Saab 340 and 2000 made of composite materials more recently. In addition, Japan´s Ministry of Defense has awarded us orders to repair the propeller blades of the C-130H, E-2C, US-2 and smaller aircrafts.

Our pneumatic engine starters -- our main pneumatic product -- are small and light, yet powerful enough to start aircraft engines. We have manufactured and sold more than 3,000 pneumatic starters and starter control valves for the V2500 engine mounted on the Airbus A320 series. We also manufacture hydraulic system components such as actuators and valves.

photo:Propellers, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Systems