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High-Temperature Heat Exchangers

Responding to customer demand for compact, highly efficient heat exchangers resistant to hot and corrosive environments, we have developed plate-fin heat exchangers made of stainless steel for use in applications such as fuel cells, combined heat and power(CHP) systems, and ultra-high-purity gas production equipment. The benefits of introducing the plate-fin configuration to gas reforming reactors have also been demonstrated. We also supply plate-fin titanium heat exchangers for use in applications involving exposure to seawater and other highly corrosive environments.

Recuperators that significantly increase the efficiency of gas turbine generators are required to be compact, highly efficient, and reliable enough to withstand repetitive start-and-stop operations. SPP meets these severe design requirements with a range of highly efficient and well-engineered products. These products excel in an increasing number of demanding applications -- such as fuel cells and CHP systems -- situated in hot environments and harsh operating conditions.

photo:High-Temperature Heat Exchangers