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2024/4/ 3

MEMS Infinity of Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.’s proposal for a strategic alliance with the Israeli semiconductor industry

  • MEMS Infinity is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a webinar on MEMS on the following schedule. Interested companies, limited to those based in Israel, are kindly requested to contact us at the address below. We will subsequently send you the link to the webinar.

  • The webinar will address the potential long-term strategic business partnership between an Israeli advanced technology companies and MEMS Infinity provides services and business alliances to Israeli companies. All the arrangement is supported by Embassy of Israel in Japan, and TechGate Inc.

     1.  Providing support for the development of semiconductor products especially MEMS technology, design support, prototyping, mass production manufacturing technology, etc.
     2.  Manufacture in Japan of devices designed for mass production
     3.  Develop business in Japan/Asia Pacific for manufactured products
     4.  Financial support for prototyping, and investment

  • Webinar Schedule:
    April 9th 10:00-11:00am Israel time

  • Agenda:
    10:00-10:05 Opening Speech:
         Hiroshi Miyajima, Principal, ICT Division, Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.,
    10:05-10:10 Opening Speech:
         Daniel Kolbar, Economic Minister, Head of Economic & Trade Mission in Japan
    10:10-10:45 Introduction of Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.,
         Hideo Hashimoto, Assistant Manager, MEMS Infinity, Sales & Marketing Group
    10:45-10:55 Q&A
    10:55-11:00 Guidance for the next Step (B2B meeting scheduling with Israel companies)
         Katsutoshi Doi, TechGate Inc.

  • Contact window :
    Nozomi Egashira (Deputy General manager, MEMS Infinity)