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Foundry Development

Foundry Development

Process lineupPrototype

MEMS Infinity offers one-stop support from design consideration to prototype development. In addition to advanced technology in each process, such as thin film generation and Si DRIE processing processing, we provide manufacturing equipment from our affiliated companies to meet your most demanding requirements.

Service flow

Good communication is our foundation with customers. We meet with you to learn about the specific requirements of your MEMS device. We listen to your future plans. And then we propose a solution that checks all the boxes. When you work with MEMS Infinity, you'll find that the lines of communication are always open.

サービスフロー サービスフロー

Prototype process

PZT piezoelectric thin film process

We've been providing PZT film deposition and etching at our foundry since 2010. We've proven ourselves in the field by mass producing CRM/CMS gyroscopes--which are now integral to some of the world's highest-performance products and systems.
We build the manufacturing tools that meet worldwide demand for MEMS--and we make them available to MEMS Infinity customers.

Sensor/MEMS device application examples

  • ・Inkjet head
  • ・MEMS microphone
  • ・Micro pump
  • ・Gyroscope
  • ・Acceleration sensor
  • ・Ultrasonic sensor
  • ・RF-MEMS
  • ・Pressure sensor
  • ・MEMS mirror
  • ・auto focus
  • ・Energy harvester
PZT圧電薄膜 プロセス

Si deep etching (Si DRIE)

When you work with MEMS Infinity, you get best-of-breed solutions. That includes having access to the premium-quality manufacturing tools that are widely used throughout the MEMS industry.
Si DRIE is a critical offering in MEMS manufacturing. Our company developed and sold the world's first mass-produced Bosch process Si DRIE equipment, which we provide under the SPT brand name and sell in Japan.

When you work with MEMS Infinity, you gain access to ASE-Predeus, our high-precision Si DRIE system.
We've improved the plane uniformity of ASE-Predeus from ±4% to ±3% compared to the conventional ASE-Pegasus. And we've reduced angle control to less than 0.1° at 8 inches. That's an innovation that helps our customers.

SPPテクノロジーズ製 シリコン深掘り装置 MUS-21 ASE-Predeus

Prototype equipment

coater developer

Development technology

process Process specifications
etching Si deep etching L/S(min):1.5μm
Hole: φ10μm
Maximum aspect ratio: 100
Through-hole processing available
dry etching L/S(min):3μm
Metal film, oxide film, SiC, PZT
sacrificial layer etching L/S(min):1μm
Wet etching Au, AI, Ti, Cr etc
photolithography regist coat Film thickness (max): 10μm
Uniformity: 5%
Can be spray coated
Exposure (mirror projection) L/S(min):1.5μm
Exposure (contact) L/S(min):3μm
Double-sided exposure possible
Exposure (stepper) L/S(min):1μm
development Au, AI, Ti, Cr etc.
Film deposition (sputtering) PZT sputtering *1 Film thickness: 1~5μm *Standard film thickness: 3μm
Relative permittivity: 900 Note 1
Piezoelectric constant (d31): 220-240pm/V Note 2
The values of Notes 1 and 2 depend on the SSP standard film thickness and film composition.
Metal sputtering *2 Film thickness: 10nm to 5μm
Uniformity: ±10%
Au, Pt, AI, Cr, Ti
Oxide sputtering *3 Film thickness: 2μm or less
Uniformity: ±10%
Film deposition (CVD) PE-CVD SiO2 (TEOS) *3 Film thickness: 10nm to 5μm
Uniformity: ±5%
PE-CVD SiN *3 Film thickness: 10nm to 5μm
Uniformity: ±5%
*Stress control possible
Film deposition (ALD) Atomic layer deposition *4 AI203 and others
Oxidation/annealing thermal oxidation Film thickness: 1μm or less
Uniformity: 10%
Wet/Dry mixture
bonding Anodic bonding (can be sealed) Sealing internal pressure: >0.01Pa
glass processing Blasting L/S(min):15μm
Hole (min): φ50μm
wet etching L/S(min):10μm
Depth (max): 300μm
backend dicing
back grind In-plane distribution: 5μm
evaluation XRF, EDX
Zygo, SEM
Surface profilometer
Laser microscope etc.

Wafer size: 4 to 8 inches
Please feel free to contact us regarding processes not listed.
*1 The characteristics of the piezoelectric thin film are typical values for our cantilever.
*2 Please feel free to contact us regarding Au, Pt, Al, Ti, Cr and other metal films.
*3 Insulating film is a typical value for various Film deposition methods. Please contact us for more details.
*4 Please feel free to contact us regarding Al2O3 and other protective films.