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Piezoelectric Thin Film

Piezoelectric Thin Film

World-class high-quality PZT thin film production technology

Our lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thin films manufactured for piezoelectric MEMS gyroscopes achieve an excellent figure-of-merit (FOM) and high reliability. And in 2020, our MEMS Foundry Services business expanded its 8-inch lineup of piezoelectric MEMS and now provides services worldwide.

PZT piezoelectric thin film lineup

MEMS Infinity offers PZT piezoelectric films with characteristics tailored to each application.
Based on the PZT thin film that has been mass-produced in our own gyroscope CRM and CMS series, we can handle everything from film deposition to device processing.

PZT piezoelectric thin film tailored to your application

MEMS actuator applications

High piezoelectric index d31(PZT-O*))

MEMS sensor applications

Low dielectric constant εr(PZT-A*))

MEMS transducer applications

Balanced type with both low εrand high d31(PZT-B*))

*) PZT-O is a Poly film, and PZT-A and PZT-B are both Epi films, but A and B have different composition ratios.

Piezoelectric constant d31(pm/V) 210 ~ 240 150 ~ 200
Relative permittivity εr ~ 900 260 ~ 500
Film thickness (μm) 1 ~ 5 2 (standard)
others Low stress +30MPa High FOM*) > 50GPa

PZT piezoelectric film -O (Poly-PZT)

Polycrystalline PZT film, which exhibits a high piezoelectric constant, has been used in a variety of applications including actuators, and has been sold for over 10 years, and has mass-produced over 3 million piezoelectric gyroscopes in-house.

PZT piezoelectric film -A&B (Epi-PZT)

Based on our past experience, we have newly developed a new PZT epitaxial film. Compared to conventional products, the relative dielectric constant has been significantly reduced while suppressing a decrease in the piezoelectric constant. This piezoelectric film is mainly suitable for transducer and sensor applications.