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MEMS Gyro & Systems

Since 1999, our subsidiary company, Silicon Sensing Systems, has been mass-producing MEMS gyros. These products have been widely adopted by the automobile industry. In 2008, the company advanced into the markets for small sensors and high-accuracy sensors by releasing miniature CRG20 gyros and high-accuracy CRS09 gyros. CRG20 gyros are capacitive units with its miniature surface mounting design (SMD) that reduces 98% of their volume, while keeping its shock-resistant and vibration-resistant characteristics compared with inductive MEMS silicon ring gyros. CRS09 gyros, with a new MEMS silicon ring configuration and low-noise circuit design, exhibit industry-leading bias stability. System units, such as attitude measurement units for sensing roll and pitch angles, are one of the applications in our Gyro technologies.

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