Since its establishment in 1961, Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. has continued to take on challenges without fear of failure even on challenging issues in order to refine "precision" technology and "precision" manufacturing and respond to customer demands. We will introduce examples of solutions that can create and deliver products and services that are best suited to such customers ahead of others.

AAU-11 Overcomes Various Constraints to Support the Future of High-Speed Rail

High-precision sensors mounted in a limited space - - The hardware and software technology capabilities of Sumitomo Precision Products have been fully utilized to reduce the cost of Shinkansen line maintenance and improve the work efficiency.

  • #Track maintenance
  • #Optimization
  • #High accuracy

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The GCAH-21 Pursues Versatility and Opens up New Paths

We are working for the more general-purpose application of the highly acclaimed true north position and attitude angle detection gyroscope that is mounted on the NorthFinder™. The GCAH-21 device enables the use of the technology in a wider range of fields than ever before. It is opening up new possibilities through deployment in offshore wind power generation and a variety of other fields.

  • #General-purpose sensor
  • #Attitude control
  • #Carbon neutral

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The first ever gyrocompass, which was built with our specialist technology

To achieve further energy efficiency, gyrocompasses are being made smaller each year. However, the smaller they are made, the lower their durability becomes, and issues arise such as a decline in precision. That was the common view until it was changed by NorthFinder™, which was created with the unique technology of our company.

  • #Downsizing
  • #First in history
  • #Power saving

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The MRN-01 is a product created from changed thinking - to even realize high precision in space!

"We want to launch a rocket using Japanese parts." The development of MRN-01 was started in response to such demands. In order to withstand the harsh environment of space, it is necessary to continue to satisfy demands that are far higher than those for the previous consumer products. Steady efforts to overcome each of the barriers led to the creation of the MRN-01, which is highly precise, durable, and resistant to radiation.

  • #Space development
  • #Rocket
  • #High durability
  • #Radiation durability
  • #Cost reduction
  • #Weight reduction

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