Wataridori GNSS Aided Inertial Navigation System


  • GNSS composite inertial navigation system that combines MEMS gyroscope/accelerometer and GNSS receiver
  • Compared to RLG and FOG type INS, it is less than 1/10 smaller, lighter, consumes less power, and costs less, and has the same level of performance
  • Receive almost all GNSS, GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou/QZSS/SBAS
  • Switchable automatically between free inertia and GNSS combined inertia based on GNSS signal receiving status and reliability (ex. based on DOP)
  • Capable high adaptability and robustness following GNSS receiving condition (changes from moment)


  • Attitude monitoring of air mobility such as eVTOL and drone
  • Inertial navigation system for aerospace and marine vehicles
  • Installed in devices that require highly accurate position information
  • Mobile device mapping

What is Wataridori(GNSS/INS)?

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