What is MEMS?

MEMS is called Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. A device manufactured as a three-dimensional mechanical structure by developing microfabrication technology developed and established in semiconductor production

MEMS process

Microfabrication process that integrated circuits (LSIs) did not require Si deep etching technology (Si-DRIE)

MEMS application example

Gyro, accelerometer, Inkjet printer nozzle, Optical communication switch, Elements for mobile phones

Gyro History

Practical gyroscopes were commercialized one after another in the early 20th century. Silicon Sensing is the predecessor company of Sperry Gyroscope Company Ltd, which was established by E. Sperry in the United Kingdom in 1913, and has a history of designing and manufacturing gyroscopes for 100 years.

The Gyro 100 years on

Inertial Sensors and Application Products

Inertial Sensors

Sensors that detect the acceleration and angular rate of moving bodies, the rotation of the earth, and gravity

Application Products

Devices that provide information different from the physical output of the sensor, such as angle, velocity, and position, by performing calculations on the output of the inertial sensor

Inertial Sensors and Application Products

  Type Name Product name Output Data
Acceleration Attitude Heading Velocity Position
Silicon Sensing Systems Inertial sensor Gyro CRM100/200,
CRH03, CRS39, RPU30
Accelerometer CAS200, CAS290
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit DMU11,
(Attitude Measurement Unit)
AMU Lite,
AHRS Attitude Heading Reference System GCAH-12C-02,
INS Inertial Navigation System (Under development)

Brand of technology to detect true north without relying on GPS

This is a revolutionary technology that combines a highly accurate MEMS gyroscope that can measure the angular velocity of the earth's rotation with a newly developed algorithm.

True north heading and attitude angle can be obtained, and a true gyrocompass can be constructed.

Detection principle of true north

  1. Measuring Earth's Angular Rotation Velocity with a Three-Axis Gyro
  2. Vector Synthesize and Calculate True North

MEMS Business Overview at Sumitomo Precision Products

Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. MEMS Solutions Department

We supply MEMS solutions that is World's most advanced, promote digital society・5G and contribute to achieve decarbonized society.

Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. MEMS Sensors and System department

  • Design and development of MEMS gyro / accelerometer (*)
  • Design and development of MEMS gyro / accelerometer application products (*)

(*)Supports products sold by Silicon Sensing Systems below)

Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. ICT Equipment & Devices Department

  • Development of piezoelectric thin film technology:High Figure of Merit(FOM) epi-PZT thin film development

Silicon Sensing Systems Co., Ltd

  • Manufacture and sale of MEMS gyros and accelerometers
  • Manufacture and sale of MEMS gyro / acceleration sensor application products
  • Foundry service

SPP Technologies Co., Ltd

The top manufacturer of silicon deep etching equipment for producing MEMS elements. Film deposition equipment and other various semiconductor manufacturing equipment are also manufactured